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GlusterCloud : Running OwnCloud with a GlusterFS Backend

As I tweeted earlier this week I’ve managed to :

Since then I’ve been converting the ‘InstallNotes.odt’ into a more ‘doclike’ ‘ZDO13-9701 HOWTO GLUSTERCLOUD.pdf’. This finally resulted in a document that van be used as some sort of MINIHOWTO regarding this setup. For one, this way I will be able to read (and understand!) the documentation in the years to come. And secondly it gives me the opportunity to ‘share’ this information for anyone interested in doing the same kind of thing.

The awesome thing to do would be to share this document via the ownCloud infrastructure it describes. However, as I am already hinting to ‘glusterception’ in the document I was afraid this would totally collapse the universe :)

Hence the document is made available (for free) via scribd.com via http://www.scribd.com/doc/149329452/ZDO13-9701-01

Looking forward to your feedback….

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